Skin Regimen Review May 2019

Lets start at the very beginning, I heard its a very good place to start (are you rolling your eyeballs at me?)

A lovely wee friend of mine works for a fancy big company and she has a fancy big job where she has major contact with lots of fancy big beauty brands, can you see where I’m going with this? This lovely friend was telling me about her latest partnership with a brand called Comfort Zone and how excited she was having tried their little sister skincare brand Skin Regimen and brought me some samples to try. Spurred by her enthusiasm for the company, their story and the incredible products I thought this may be one to bring to the skincare shop.

Roll on 3 months and we have the super savvy Skin Regimen on our shelves and I love writing this review which reignites my excitement to have this special stuff in our presence. As always, with new skincare, I bowled right in and tried all the products randomly, while still using other brands and as much as I was aware of the quality of the range having had the training I also knew I was not doing it justice by randomly using it. My plan over the next few months is to give each of the brands on my shelves an exclusive month of use so I can assess each product I use in my routine with the aim to bring you the best knowledge on how each brand benefits your skin, what they stand for and how the products will fit into your lives. I embarked on this little Skin Regimen journey with excitement as I packed all the products in my bag to take home and get started. Here is my Skin Regimen Story

Skin Regimen has a mission - “To bring to you modern skincare that is clinically proven to reduce the effects of stress and lifestyle ageing while maintaining optimal conditions for a healthier and youthful skin and empowering the overall mind-body stress response” their words, not mine but WOW. This is everything I want from my skincare. Stressed skin is dehydrated, dull, has blemishes, fine lines, early wrinkles and we all know by now that a little TLC goes a long way to reducing these effects. It’s all packaged in fully recyclable components of glass, sugar-cane derived plastic, safety certified aluminium and FSC certified paper. This is getting more WOW by the minute. Super effective, highly sustainable, deals with stress of mind and body, unisex, and a simple 4 step program. I AM IN LURVE

I feel at this point Skin Regimen can do no wrong and I haven’t even started my regime. Here’s the 4 step PREPARE - RECHARGE - CORRECT - RESET program for A.M and P.M plan with the products I used and the verdicts


PREPARE - CLEANSING CREAM - £26 - A relatively gentle foaming cleanser although not recommend for hypersensitive skins or for use around the eye area. This product cleanses and it cleanses WELL but I found it needs a lot of water to foam up. The natural aroma of this product definitely invigorates and I find myself taking in huge big deep breaths while using it. I love when my skin feels squeaakkyyy clean in the morning and this does the job beautifully. It contains Skin Regimens trademarked LONGEVITY COMPLEX (more on this below) to protect against the effects of pollutants

RECHARGE - MICROALGAE ESSENCE - £51 - This highly concentrated lotion is a SUPERPOWER. It contains 7 essential components of the NMF (natural moisturising factor) you’re off googling that now aren’t you? It recharges, hydrates and completely counters the effects of heating, air con and travelling as well as increasing cell vitality. At risk of sounding dramatic, this is the absolute best, most amazing, incredible, stunningly gorgeous and most effective product I have used in years. Don’t just take my word for it though, my guy, who embarks on my skincare journeys with me, asks every morning “where is my essence” 😂 I apply this essence then give my skin a pure pummel with a roulage type massage to invigorate and pump that blood to the surface

CORRECT - HA BOOSTER - £76 - I know, I know you can buy Hyaluronic Acid for a fiver. But you can’t buy a concentrate of micro, macro and cross- linked HA at 1.85% which includes Skin Regimens Longevity Complex ™️ for a fiver. I’ve tried a whole lot of Hyaluronic products and this one is light, non sticky, feels hydrating and visibly corrects fine lines and dehydration. It really, really does

CORRECT - TRIPEPTIDE CREAM - £68 - A pep what? Why a peptide of course. What do they do then? They can mimic the action of a protein to stimulate the synthesis of new collagen. The tripeptide in this cream has little small dimensions to penetrate easily and promote a firming, wrinkle correcting action. In other words - it is a flipping fantastic and corrective day or night moisturiser. When applying this cream it makes sense to follow a 2 minute massage to connect your mind and either prepare for the day ahead or prep for your bed. Not a pummel massage for this one but rather gentle, smoothing and relaxing one

CORRECT - LIFT EYE CREAM - £42 - This is a multi tasker if ever I saw one. It corrects appearance of crows feet, puffiness, dark circles and its super power is that it lifts the eyelids too. It improves the natural eye support and contains PERSIAN SILK TREE EXTRACTS & ST PAULS WORT to firm, invigorate and reduce sagging eyelids. This has been an absolute joy to use and I sometimes pop it on halfway through the day too if i’ve been working on the laptop impersonating a mole with my screwed up eyes. It is light, refreshing and really really works

CORRECT - URBAN SHIELD SPF 30 - £42 - First time I put this on I was stunned at how it manages to illuminate the skin as most sunscreen products can make the skin look a bit pasty or greasy. The texture is light enough to apply make up immediately and what makes this stand apart from a standard SPF is the shield it gives the skin against not only UV rays but also pollution and fine particles containing nasty little free radicals that accelerate skin ageing. Smart idea to pop a bit of this on the back of your hands too




CORRECT - RETINOL BOOSTER - £76 - WOW - WOW - WOW - WOW - This is one of those products (like the microalgae essence) that lands on your face and changes everything for the better forever. It is a 1.5% retinol and silybin concentrate that also contains Longevity Complex to correct wrinkles and imperfections. The wowzer factor of this product was visible after about day 5-7 when the texture of my skin improved unbelievably and was smoother, softer and looked fresher and clearer. Retinol products are best used in the evening, always use SPF the next day as the product can increase photosensitivity and it is NOT RECOMMENDED for use during pregnancy. This retinol product is absolutely stunning and I found it to be the most delicate but effective retinol I’ve ever used. BRAVO Skin Regimen


RESET - NIGHT DETOX - £68 - I used this as my night cream for the whole month which works well as a substitute for Tripeptide Cream which can be used at night time too. This leave on regenerating mask boosts the skins natural recycling process which basically eliminates toxins that have got stuck to you during the day. Toxins are bad. Recycling is good. My favourite things about this wee night detox baby are the balm like cooling texture which feels like a dream when its massaged in and the aroma is B-E-A-Utiful. For anyone popping into the skincare shop to purchase this product I will teach you a wee Mindful Massage that takes about 3 minutes to do and will help destress you at bedtime

LONGEVITY COMPLEX - This is featured throughout the whole range and needs bit of explaining - The skin being a huge big organ can react to stressors and aggressors such as pollution, UV, diet, psychological stress, lack of sleep and hormones very negatively causing inflammation, dehydration, increased sebum production, reduced cell turnover and cause our skin to be really rather unhappy. To counteract these effects, Skin Regimen created their LONGEVITY COMPLEX with Wild Indigo, Maqui Berry, Spinach and Carnosine to modulate excess cortisol, boost endorphins, promote anti-glycation and counteract the effects of stress and reduce the effects of ageing aggressors. It is an incredibly powerful formula and as it features throughout the range you reap the benefits of it from cleansing right through to masking

And there we have it - a full on A.M and P.M run down of what I used and loved from Skin Regimen. The range also includes an Enzymatic Powder to exfoliate, Tea Tree Booster, Vitamin C Booster, Tulsi Oil Booster and a beautiful room spray which is the brands signature aroma (the same aroma throughout the range) aaannddddd even this aroma is specially created to help bring balance to body and mind, destress and reduce anxiety. Can you even believe there is a skin care company that gives so much consideration to dispelling negative emotions as a means of reducing stress to help with the health of the skin. I have loved every minute of using these products and as I pop them over to my guys side of the bed to enjoy (he’s not continuing on my skincare journeys with me because he’s in love with his essence and his skin thanks to Skin Regimen) I feel my bottom lip start to pet a little, I really don’t want to not be using these products but I have committed to giving a month to every brand on the shelves so I bravely go on. Bravo, bravo, bravo Skin Regimen - I LOVE YOU

Kezia Miskell-Reid